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    Our technology gives government agencies, banks, and corporations the security and competitive edge to meet financial targets.
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    Leverage our systems to distribute real-time electronic payments, drive e-commerce innovation and growth.
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    Ideas and engineering to help you swiftly implement and deploy your payment platform.
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    Turn-key payment platforms for institutions that wish to insource a proven payment or grant management system (saving time and money.)
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    Our biometric financial platform allows you to both authenticate & process biometric POS transactions while reducing fraud and cutting cost.

Virtual Payment System (VPS)

Intradata's Virtual Payment System  is an extremely robust and feature rich web based financial platform that was developed for government agencies, banks , micro finance companies, e-commerce, and money transfer corporations. VPS software can be utilized as a core banking system, domestic and Int'l payments platform, foreign exchange platform, and mobile banking engine. It's modular structure makes it easy for financial institutions to deploy requirements quickly.

Biometric Financial Platform 

Our Biometric Payment Platform was developed for Governmental agencies and Financial Institutions to distribute electronic payments and process payment transactions originating from both biometric and standard point of sale terminals. Our platform processes stored fingerprints, voice, or retina scans to authenticate transactions at the POS. Ex: Pay by PIN  (What you know...can be stolen)  - Pay by finger (Who you are can not be duplicated)... 

Forex Exchange Platform

The Worldwide Pay System (WPS) is a fully configurable, ‘out of the box’ web-based platform that has been specifically designed to fulfill the front-to-back office processing requirements of foreign exchange and international payment service providers.

The platform is powered by the WPS Administrative module, which sits at the core of the application and can be customised by financial institutions to create its own bespoke SaaS solution...

SMART Remmittance System

Intradata SMART software technology is designed to meet the needs and requirements for global money remittance companies. SMART technolgy allows financial institutions to execute transactions in real-time with automatic currency conversion. The software manages the complete lifecycle of the remittance transaction , including, the relationship with senders, beneficiaries , receiving financial institutions and agents....